World Diabetes Day 14/11/22

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Effective management of diabetes cannot be achieved without proper attention to diet. Blood glucose rises from food with high sugar content. Foods with high sugar content are strictly limited. Dietary management of diabetes needs careful timing of meals and snacks and planning for amounts, combinations, and types of foods eaten by the individual.

Meal planning for a person with diabetes is not just about counting carbohydrates. Three major goals should be paid attention to:


Objectives in the treatment of diabetes are similar to those for the population in general. It is recommended that 40 nutrients are needed to stay healthy every day.


It should be tailored to achieve or maintain an ideal body weight.


It should be controlled, ideally at four-to-five-hour intervals, with frequent snacks to help control hunger and blood glucose levels in relationship to insulin, oral hypoglycemic therapy, or exercise periods.

5 key reasons why you need to consult a nutritionist in relation to diabetes

  1. A nutritionist can help prevent or minimize the risk of developing diabetes through nutrition education, promoting healthy eating habits, and lifestyle changes.
  2. Nutrition plays a key role in the management of diabetes, and consulting a knowledgeable specialist can assist in navigating the available best foods to control blood sugars.
  3. Prevent complications that arise from uncontrolled blood sugars.
  4. Get the help needed to meet your health goals by getting help and accountability from a nutritionist.
  5. Improve the quality of life and minimize the complications associated with diabetes through good nutrition.

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Wanjiku Gachoka is a seasoned nutritionist with over ten years of experience. Her passion for educating communities on matters related to diet and nutrition has been the driving force behind her work.
Her main goal is to promote health and wellness while advocating for zero hunger.
Her approach to nutrition is grounded in making informed decisions, and she believes knowledge is power.

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