Nutrition For The Young Adults

Being young is a beautiful experience; no wonder the Bible recommends enjoying being young. However, it goes on to say that every decision will be held accountable, as even though all things are permissible, not all are beneficial.

The issue of Nutrition is not given much thought by young adults unless there is a life-threatening condition affecting them or their loved ones. However, this should not be the case because nutrition is essential for energy, health, and physical appearance.

It’s important to eat various foods from all the food groups to maximize the vital nutrients the body needs to function at its best. So instead of eating lots of junk and empty caloric drinks, eat nutrient-rich vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, low-fat dairy, and fruits.

Here’s a list of 5 key nutrient components that young adults ought to pay attention to:

1. Calorie Intake

Calorie intake plays a vital role in the management of weight. The daily caloric requirement depends on the gender, age, and activity level that one is engaged in. Maintaining a good weight throughout one’s life is essential as this improves the quality of life and overall health. The daily calorie for young adult men is 2400 to 3000 calories a day, whereas women in the young adult bracket require to consume 1800 to 2400 calories a day to maintain a good healthy weight.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

Including various fruits and vegetables in the diet helps meet the daily need for essential nutrients and helps maintain a healthy weight. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins A, C, and K, magnesium, potassium, folate, and fiber.

Variety of Fruits: Unsplash

3. Protein for Muscle

Protein is essential as the body needs protein to make muscle. It’s recommended to include lean proteins in the diet, like fish, poultry, and red meat. It’s also essential to have plant protein sources since this food contains healthy fats, fiber, essential minerals, and vitamins in addition to protein.

source of protein: Unsplash

4. Calcium for Bones

Most young adults have attained adult height by the time they are in their 20s; however, they still need calcium as their bones grow and achieve bone mass and strength. Therefore, it is recommended to include good sources of calcium in their diet, for example, yogurt, whole milk, cheese, and other dairy products.

source of calcium: milk Unsplash

5. Wholegrains

Wholegrains are a good source of fiber, B Vitamins, Iron, Magnesium, and selenium. Vitamin B is known to help the body extract energy from the food we consume. Therefore, it’s recommended that young adults should include whole grains in their diet as a good source of the energy they need to carry out their daily activities.

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Wanjiku Gachoka is a seasoned nutritionist with over ten years of experience. Her passion for educating communities on matters related to diet and nutrition has been the driving force behind her work.
Her main goal is to promote health and wellness while advocating for zero hunger.
Her approach to nutrition is grounded in making informed decisions, and she believes knowledge is power.

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