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Data analysis refers to a technique that transforms raw data into useful statistics, insights, and explanations that influence business decisions. Data analysis is the cornerstone of the current business operations. It’s a daunting task for any business to undertake research, collect data and analysis, and run daily operations.

Practical Nutrition Consultants is here to offload you with the task. We are readily available for hire to undertake any nutrition, food security, or food product-related research. We offer High-quality, timely and accurate data when needed. We pride ourselves in data literacy and qualitative and quantitative data analysis. We also make actionable recommendations to our clients in the reports.

We adopt a data-informed decision-making cycle where we follow eight key steps while undertaking the task per the client’s requirements.

  1. Defining priorities and data needs
  2. Reviewing
  3. Consolidation
  4. Data Collection
  5. Curating data
  6. Analyzing data using appropriate tools like ENA/ EPI INFO software. 
  7.  Translating data into relevant insights to be disseminated and discussed by key stakeholders
  8. Using data for decision making

Reach us at for more information on research, data collection, and analysis. We guarantee to offer high-quality data and accurate, timely analysis.

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Wanjiku Gachoka is a seasoned nutritionist with over ten years of experience. Her passion for educating communities on matters related to diet and nutrition has been the driving force behind her work.
Her main goal is to promote health and wellness while advocating for zero hunger.
Her approach to nutrition is grounded in making informed decisions, and she believes knowledge is power.

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