5 Frequently Asked Questions on Weight Loss

1. What is the best way to lose weight fast?

There are many factors that determine the rate at which one loses body weight.  Gender, body type, genetics, current fitness status as well as age are some of these factors. Weight loss requires a lot of discipline, resilience, determination, willpower, and consistency. People who are thin and skinny normally referred to as ectomorphs tend to lose weight fast due to their fast metabolism.

On the other hand, people who are muscular with some fat also referred to as mesomorphs and Endomorph the ones who have lots of fat and struggle to lose normally have to put in a lot of effort to lose weight. Therefore, with an understanding of these factors, one can create a weight loss plan with the help of a nutritionist incorporating exercise and diet and stick to the plan till one reaches their target.

2. The best thing to drink to lose belly fat?

Unfortunately, there are no magic drinks to help lose belly fat which is a pain in the neck for so many people. The only practical and sustainable way to lose belly fat is by following the right diet plan and exercise.

3. What foods should I eat to lose belly fat fast?

First of all, totally avoid sugar, starchy carbs, fast foods, and junk. Eat lots of high-fiber foods, vegetables, good fat foods, and high protein.

4. Can I slim fast without exercise?

Yes, you can. By following certain strict diets and fasting you can slim but only for some time because it’s not sustainable. To increase the metabolism to burn fat, diet alone cannot help without being combined with exercise.

5. How long before I see results from exercise and diet?

As stated earlier, the rate of weight loss depends entirely on the current position in fitness, body type, and one’s genetics.  

Here at Practical Nutrition Consultants, we believe that anyone can achieve their desired body weight if they believe in themselves and work wholeheartedly towards attaining a healthy and fit body. Join our Weight loss for mums group and let’s walk the fitness journey together.

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Wanjiku Gachoka is a seasoned nutritionist with over ten years of experience. Her passion for educating communities on matters related to diet and nutrition has been the driving force behind her work.
Her main goal is to promote health and wellness while advocating for zero hunger.
Her approach to nutrition is grounded in making informed decisions, and she believes knowledge is power.

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